Hello! I’d like to introduce you to Angela Hall. She is 57 years young, a wife, mom, grandma, AND she’s The Say Life Coach‘s very first intern! 🎉 She’s made a huge difference in the administrative field, and now she wants to try something new. We’ve all been there, right? After helping her loved ones achieve their goals, she wanted to do something for HER and enrolled in college at age 50. Now, Angela is asking some deep questions like Are there any roles left for me to play in life? and Is it selfish for me to declare that now it’s all about me? She’s graciously sharing those answers with US through her new series entitled SEASONS OF ME on thesaylifecoach.com. This week, we meet Angela and learn about her background. Say hello to Angela and check out her introductory post of her series here! Welcome, Angela! #SayLife! 


My name is Angela Hall, and I was born in 1959, the eldest of 4 children. As a young black girl growing in the 60’s and 70’s, typical daily life for me included summer backyard cook-outs, 70’s music, motorcycle clubs, playing hop-scotch and dodgeball, block dances, afros, bell bottom pants, platform shoes, and Sunday school in my grandfather’s church.  Cultural influences in my community were the local church, grass-root initiatives of local black activists, and the rising Black Panther Party movement. Unbeknownst to me, I grew up in a time when urban communities had become more and more racially and politically charged to aggressively push for change and equality.

Over the past 36 years, I became a wife, mother of 4, and grandmother of five. And during those years, I’ve had the privilege of watching my children enter the military, completed bachelors and master degrees, found a non-profit organization, start a carpentry and make-up artistry business, travel the United States and abroad as a Christian missionary and hip-hop recording artist, and witnessed the birth of my grandchildren. Yes, I am truly blessed!

I’ve been there for my children and family in full force. But now, it’s time for me to ask questions and seek answers for myself.

So, the questions I ask and the answers I now seek are:

Who am I today?  I am a product of the past 57 years that’s still evolving.

What defines me in this season of life?

Am I still relevant?

Are there any roles left for me to play in life?

Is it selfish for me to declare that now it’s all about me?

Thanks for traveling this journey with me.


4 thoughts on “57 and in College – SEASONS OF ME

    1. Hi Lynn,
      Thank you so much for reading my very first blog! Please feel free to post some of your wisdom, thoughts, etc.

  1. I’m inspired to keep going Angela. I am a 33 year old college student so I identify with being a nontraditional student. I am also in a place of starting over and I have asked myself some of these same questions. I am excited to take this journey with you. Let’s discover together leaving big footprints behind.

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