Wow, its so many great things that I can say about my life coach Mrs. Elyssa Lassiter… Don’t know where to begin..she’s patient, kind, a great listener, and helps get you the resources you need to succeed. She helps you set goals–attainable and reachable, short and long-term, and she works with you with a plan to reach those goals on an individual basis. I was at a point in my life where I felt I needed more balance, direction, and clarity of different areas of my life. I spoke with Mrs. Elyssa about everything I desired to do. It was as if I was putting the pieces of my life’s puzzle together and the pieces were all over the place, not making sense or fitting together. In the beginning I let her know my case. I asked for her patience and she gave me that. We were already friends from college; she did not judge me, but found new ways to encourage me. Every time I was not ready to be brave, she motivated me. She has become a great asset in my life. She has helped me to put a lot of things into perspective, she makes time for her clients, sets up special schedules, and mails you pertinent information you need to be organized and successful. I was a mess in my thoughts not knowing the first step to take when it came to pursuing my passions and finding my true purpose, not only in my life, but my ministry. She pulled that out along with the support of my family and Pastor. She pushed me to believe in the vision and believe in my own greatness. She is a true jewel in my life and I’m so grateful to know her. Mrs. Elyssa is a great life coach and can and will help you in whatever area and aspect of your life. She is so much more than just my friend, she’s my life coach, mentor, role model, and one of my greatest inspirations. Thank you so much for pushing me and helping me in my career path, my ministry endeavors, and most of all helping me find my Passion for my Purpose in my life. Thank you my intercessor, sister friend, motivator and encourager. Allow her to help you find your best version of you. No challenge too great or small, life coach Elyssa can help you with them all. She’s not a miracle worker but she can be the miracle that changes your life around! She’s Truly Amazing @ her craft and Bonus! She is very passionate about helping you!!! 😀

― Tarishi’s Google Review ★★★★★