The coaches you see below have completed our ICF (International Coach Federation) approved program and have obtained 12 Continuing Coach Education hours through The Say Life! Coach Institute, an ICF Continuing Coach Education Provider.

These coaches are not employees nor independent contractors of Say Life! Personal Coaching, LLC.

Links and information for their individual businesses and coaching practices are listed below.

Our Elite Membership Coaches

Coach Tee Jackson
Kreatively U
Sis, do you find yourself frequently putting YOUR dreams, needs, and desires on the back burner? Have you lost yourself in work, relationship, or other commitments? Maybe it’s time for an internal makeover.
Coach Tee Jay helps you manifest the life you deserve through spiritual and holistic healing. Rediscover your inner beauty and strength through healthy and holistic ways, encompassing: self-talk, mindfulness, meditation, affirmations, and more. 
Love yourself from the inside out…
When you feel more confident, you feel powerful. Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about Kreating Urself.
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Rules of Engagement, LLC
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Coach Dee Thomas
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Choose S.E.L.F.
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Honor U!
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T. Renee
Positivity Life Coach, Super Attractor, Motivator, Divorce Coach (for the recently divorced)
Coach T is originally from New Orleans, currently living abroad in Kuwait.
She has 2 Beautiful daughters and a set of handsome twin grandsons.
“I am so excited to be walking in my God given purpose to be a servant leader and enthusiasm. Remember to love and like yourself first. Being positive is a choice, speaking life is imperative, and happiness is truly up to you!”

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Email Coach Alisha Partee
Hidden Treasure –
I am Hidden Treasure; your soul coach and I connect with souls on a deeper level by partnering for a lifetime with women to break soul-ties, generational bondage, social normalcy and worldly separation so that souls can be freed to thrive in purpose. I disrupt the norm and challenge clients to find strength to confront their past, serve its eviction notice and explore the hidden treasures within our vessels that are begging to be unleashed. Do you feel a deep tugging in your heart telling you there is more to your story and that there is greatness inside you? Then join the community of freedom walkers and discover your soul’s purpose today.
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WE Empowerment –
I am Tonya Bishop, a mom, daughter and friend. WE Empowerment Life Coach. WE Empowerment is an innovative experience where WE create an environment for you to stand in your truth through this journey. Whether at home, work or school, WE empower you with skills, knowledge, and motivation to bring about positive change. 
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Email Coach/Chaplain Diane Stevenson!
IRROC Vision Coach
I help you see beyond where you are and create the path to where you want to be. The name IRROC is my son’s name spelled backwards–Corri. IRROC stands for I Really Rely On Christ. My daughter thought of IRROC one day years ago when thinking about how much she missed him. Corri passed away in 2009. Not only will IRROC help you on your path to your goals, my practice will also honor Corri, recognize my daughter, create a legacy of love, and give glory to God. 
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Empowering u transformational life coaching
Email Coach Keisha Barham!
Empowering U Transformational Life Coaching
“Empowering U Through Transition to Transformation!”
I am a graduate of The Say Life Coach Institute. I am an Author, Speaker, Consultant, and Facilitator. And, the founder and owner of Beautifully Imaged, a women’s empowerment company providing consulting, mentoring and facilitating of workshops in emotional wellness, self-care, self-acceptance, self-love, and more. My why–It has been through my personal life experiences and challenges that helped me grow and transform into a stronger and confident person.
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Coach Jaz Sanchez
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Eres Tú #JazUrLife
Jaz is a personal development coach with a penchant for helping people discover their hidden potentials and unveiling the part of themselves they did not know about. Jaz enjoys helping people achieve their goals. With an MBA and over ten years’ experience working in Corporate Human Resource roles, she has developed critical skills and insights in understanding and improving human capacity…
Read more about Coach Jaz!
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Email Coach Victoria Goring
Life Happens Personal Coaching & Organizing, LLC 
Has life happened and now your personal dreams and goals have been deferred? Or maybe you just need some assistance with organizing your personal space. If you’ve answered “yes” to one or both of these questions let’s talk about it! Vikkie J of Life Happens Personal Coaching and Organizing, LLC would be delighted to assist you.
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Email Coach Dr. Paul Harvey Fleming
A Better Tomorrow
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Email Coach Dr. Karen Jewette!
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Dr. Karen Jewette is a personal development and parenting coach who graduated from The Say Life!™ Coach Institute, an International Coach Federation approved coaching program. She is the author of No Ordinary Brand: A Mother’s Guide to Launching Five Star Children. Dr. Jewette is passionate about serving parents whose desire is to nurture and rear their children in becoming productive and contributing positively to society.  Dr. Jewette is also zealous about walking alongside individuals through educating, equipping, enlightening, and empowering them to fulfill their purpose.
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Email Coach Rajsheda Griffin!
The Secured and Successful Coaching Program
The Secured and Successful coaching program reaches out to women of all types who battle with inner insecurities. Whether it stemmed from abuse, toxic relationships, or toxic environments, it’s time to get back to a secure, loving, and powerful relationship with yourself. Secured and successful will get you there.
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Email Coach Elaine M. Prioleau!
Butterfly Transitions
Through her empowerment organization, Butterfly Transitions, Coach Elaine helps families bust down the barriers that can frequently arise between young women and their mother figures. Coach Elaine can speak to your group, organization, or work with you on a 1:1 or small group basis. In addition to coaching, she is a licensed minister, the CEO of Gifted Jewelz, and a loving wife and mother. Reach out today!
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Email Coach Shirletta Armstrong!
Rize Girl
Life Transformation Coach Shirletta
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Help women heal from the pain of divorce, transform the mindset, learn self-love, self-care and become mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually renewed.
After spending over a decade living and traveling abroad, I found myself back home in the States and living a new life. The determination I felt to rebuild myself made me think of Hannah in the Bible. After she had prayed for a child, she washed her face and she rose. Well, it was time for me to rise! And my sweet friend, it is time for you to heal. It is time for you to grow. It is time for you to rise!
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Email Coach Dr. Shavona Whitehead
She’s MORE Now!
Visit her website!
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Motivated Overcomers being Restored and Empowered, we empower and guide women to cultivate and evolve in the areas of personal and spiritual growth. We help those women who find themselves stuck due to low self-esteem, insecurities, life circumstances and doubt to shift themselves, overcome obstacles and achieve their goals, dreams and vision. She’s MORE Now helps unlock the treasures within!
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Our Basic Membership Coaches

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Coach Taraya ‘Tara’ Samuels
Seeking Solace Life Coaching
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Her Hectic Life
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Dear Brown Girls
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The Journey Ahead, LLC
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Outrun Gravity
Courtney Cornwall
MY First Life
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Dear Pink Sisters
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Diamond in the Rough Ministries
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Dare2Heal, LLC
Coach Marquitta White
Keep Empowering Yourself
Coach Keyaira Chaplin
Divine Intervention to Transition Oneself
Coach Tekoa Reid
Coach Ambrosia JohnsonFaith Talks for Life, LLC
Coach Kristina Morton
Your Time is Now
Coach Chantae Armstrong
Talents and Gifts Services
Coach J. Bass
Total Restoration Life Coaching
Coach Barbara Crayton
Coach Ethel Broadway-Daniels
Inspirational Matters LLC
Coach Danielle Devin
Compassionate Coaching
Coach Lynette Ellis
Limitless, LLC
Moments with Free, LLC
Coach Rita Goodridge
Full Circle
Coach Rev. Paul Graham
Red H.E.A.R.R.T.
Coach Cheryl E. Lindsay
Coach Jennifer MarbleyPurposefully Planned Life Ministries
Coach Juanita Liggins
Scars Of A Woman
Coach Yolanda R. Whitfield
Coach Rose Abalos