Reclaiming My Time


So many times we hit the end of the day, wondering–where on Earth did the time go! I know I’ve had a few days like that! (Okay, maybe more than a few. But you know what I mean:)

A few days ago, Vivian with VLF Media and Promotions graciously connected me to Torri Strickland and the nice folks at Virginia this Morning. I was very happy when I got the invitation to talk about time management on their broadcast. Host, Cheryl Miller  sparked some great discussion, and off-camera, it was so great to talk about all her years of experience in broadcasting! (She’s even been on the Ellen show. That’s pretty cool!) Larin was very helpful in making sure I knew where to go and gave me very detailed instructions day-of!

Here are some of the suggestions I talked about during our interview!

  • First, ask: Why do I want to become a better manager of my time? Once you get in touch with your personal reason for wanting to ‘reclaim your time,’ chances are, you’ll be more motivated to do it.
  • Set up a blueprint. PLAN to succeed!
  • Establish your Priorities
    • Be mindful of time-sensitive commitments
    • I like to discern my “have-to-get dones” from the “would be nice to get dones”
  • Ask yourself: Which commitments are important to me? Think about personal goals and your passion projects as well.
    Do these commitments align with my overarching goals or well-being?

It’s important to be committed to others in our lives, but don’t forget to show that commitment to ourselves as well.

Then, set the plan in motion!
Don’t forget to take into consideration length of tasks and/or outside factors.
Set yourself up to win!

But most importantly, have grace with yourself. The habits we have took a while to create; healthy habits will take time too. Celebrate the baby steps, and if you feel you’re not reaching those benchmarks you set for yourself, don’t be afraid to ask for help or accountability.

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