Last week, we followed #SayLife!’s intern, Angela, as she came face-to-face with the realization that she was now among the church mothers that she and her friends admired in their youth.  This week, she talks about starting tasks and not getting them done! Take a look. #SayLife!

I recommitted to taking better physical care of my body and started daily one to two-mile walks this week. After three days of walking, the increase of endorphins aka “feel good hormones” have me feeling more energized, alert, and productive. But let me keep it real y’all, starting a new thing is not necessarily challenging for me, but maintaining and/or finishing what I start is.

Which brings me to the topic of unfinished business. What do I mean when I say unfinished business? Unfinished business can be found in most areas of our lives, and it can be emotional stuff, physical to-do’s, or unkept promises to yourself and others.  It’s often those things we know are important or necessary, but procrastinate on or set them aside for all kinds of reasons. Unfinished business does not enter our lives from the outside, but it’s the stuff that we create within. And, because we tend to turn a blind eye to unfinished business, instances can accumulate over time and be dragged from one year into the another.

So what am I saying? I’m confessing that I have too much unfinished business in my life, and my current struggle is to not be overwhelmed by it. Just as unfinished business has a beginning, it has an end. I must remember that I have the power to change my mindsetcome up with a plan, and stick to it so that my unfinished business can become finished. That’s when I remind myself that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, and now is the time to lessen this burden and free myself, one task at a time.

This is a season for not just finishing what I’ve started, but finishing well.

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