Y’all. Let me tell you how excited I was to wear some fashions from Remedy 88 on our House Hunters episode on HGTV. But first, let me tell you how amazingly helpful Aaronesia, the boutique’s owner, was during the ordering process! Not only did my items come to my house quickly, Aaronesia also placed a handwritten note inside of my package. C’mon. How sweet?! <3 To be honest, in the fast-paced, electronic, text message, email, cyberworld we live in today, things like that really mean a lot.

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House hunters HGTV Elyssa Haneef Newport News Life coach Elyssa Lassiter

House hunters HGTV Elyssa Haneef Newport News Life coach Elyssa Lassiter

Remedy 88 styled me in their beautiful Ana Bodysuit for the show. Honestly, sometimes I get a little anxious when it comes to bodysuits because some of them have the tendency to cut into your skin a bit. (Think tight leotards :P) However, my Ana bodysuit was the most comfortable bodysuit I’ve worn! It is made out of soft material and moved with me, which made for a pleasant day of filming. I love this piece, and I also love how versatile it is! Although I wore it with a gold jacket and blue pants (Go Southern!), you could totally wear it on its own with pants or a skirt. In fact, for my evening outing, I ditched the jacket and wore this beautiful cream-colored piece to contrast my bright blue pants! I also ordered the Liza Romper from Remedy 88 and it is a staple in my closet.


If you haven’t checked out the amazing styles and sizes offered by Remedy 88, why wait! Do it now:) There is something for nearly everyone.

Hey! What are you still doing here?! Scoot over to Remedy 88! You’re always welcome back here at thesaylifecoach.com though:)

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