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So, if you haven’t heard of A&K Dollhouse, you have GOT to look at these amazing ladies’ selection of beautiful clothes and accessories¬†now!¬†Well, you can stay and read the rest of this article, BUT–as soon as you get done reading, THEN you can go. Deal? Deal:)

Alyssa and Krystal, the two fabulous entrepreneurs behind this trendy, up-to-date store, make it so easy to order from their site. They’ve got such a wide range to pick from–whether you’re looking for something edgy or something to wear to your next business meeting, they’ve got it. I’ve been buying A&K Dollhouse since 2017 and let me tell you, they do not disappoint. AND THEN, once you get your clothes delivered to your house or business, it comes to you in a¬†beautiful and sparkly¬†gold package! I may be a sucker for sparkly things, but it’s special touches like those that really make a customer feel special.

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For our House Hunters episode, A&K Dollhouse styled me in their beautiful “Gorgeous Doll” top in hot pink. It was a flowy, cool, stylish shirt that was perfect for filming in Summer in Virginia. The solid color looked great on camera, and I loved the “cold shoulders” too! It is such a unique item of clothing and I have worn it for a few occasions. Casual, classy, and perfect for what I was looking for!

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