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As we push forward on our journey of personal development, we can get so caught up in the overall goal, that we may overlook  the need for a little self-care. (TLC, as we called in back in the day.) It may come easy to get less sleep, push our self throughout the day, eat less healthier (because it’s convenient), allow our minds to roam in a variety of directions, or simply not take time out for self.

Yes! Our bodies are equipped to handled a lot. It’s amazing to me of just how beautifully crafted and created we are. It is quite known that we can go for long periods at a time (especially when were in our early years) with being on a constant move in life without much time for self. However, in the long run, it can take a toll on our health. Growing older gracefully and healthy is surely on my radar and growing older doesn’t necessary mean health problems. There are plenty of healthy senior/older people still very active (jogging, making their own groceries, making a difference in the world, etc.) So Speak Life! and take action.

We wear many “hats” in our lives as mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts, business persons, caretaker of family members, friends and maybe even entrepreneurs. So, I can definitely understand how we can easily focus on others’ needs more so than our own needs.

While we are aware that self care is important, I’d like to break down why and how it’s vital to our wellbeing (mind, body and spirit.)

  • It’s helps in regaining focus. Self-care allows your mind and body a moment’s rest, which gives you time to refocus, refresh, and rejuvenate.
  • It prevents overload and burnout. Overwork does not only have the potential to stunt your body through lack of sleep, nutrition, and exercise, it could possibly also stunt your brain function. Don’t hesitate to work with your healthcare professional on this one. You need to take a break so you can be your best for that next step in development.
  • Proper rest and/or sleep helps your body to literally heal itself, fine tune all systems, and help you function properly throughout the day (focus, memory and concentration.)
  • Self care activates feel good hormones. Knowing that you’re doing something for yourself is rewarding and fulfilling.
  • Taking time for your interests, your joys, hobbies, etc. is satisfying.
  • What good is accomplishing your goals, desires and dreams if you’re not in the right mindset and health state to enjoy it or carry it out? 
  • Through self-care, we gain the vital benefit of reducing the toxic effect of mental, emotional or physical stress. Okay, so we know it’s hard to avoid stress 24/7.  As we go through our day striving, we discover through circumstances and situations what we want/don’t want, like and dislike, what works and doesn’t work.  We learn, grown and develop from that. A healthy dose of stress cause us to make a prompt decision for instance and bad stress can cause to freeze up, shut down, act out towards someone or a situation that we may later regret.
  • Self care is sometimes knowing when to simply say “no” before you commit yourself at the drop of a dime.
  • I encourage you to do things you enjoy. Taking time for you is not selfish.
  • Stress relief and self care is sometimes doing nothing at all!

I also want to share some physical signs of having too much stress. Please know that our thoughts, moods, and feelings have a direct effect and connection to our bodies and the way we feel which effects the state of our spirit. Mind, Body and Spirit are connected. So, I encourage you to take time to guard your thoughts, (Speak life!), take care of your body, take time for self and lastly, take time for your Spirit. I’ll be going deeper into these areas at a later time. But, for now here’s the list of signs of too much stress.

  • Decreased Energy and Insomnia
  • Headaches
  •   Digestive Issues 
  •   Appetite Changes 
  •   Body aches 
  •   Irritability (more angry or anxious than usual)
  •  Inability to concentrate or complete tasks  
  •   Stuttering or stammering 
  •   Gritting, grinding teeth  

I enjoy seeing people at their best! So, I truly hope that this was beneficial to you in any way. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and take care of yourself.  Sending peace, love and prosperity to you and yours! Once again, I believe in you and the power of the creator that’s in you! “A better you provides a better quality of life!” I’m a gift, and so are you!!

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