Patient Parenting #BigNews

So, as of December 16, 2017, I am a proud parent of two




dogs. 🙂

persuading the pups with snacks (courtesy: Classic Edge Concepts by Nikki Ciciora)

#Puppyparent! But seriously, patience is a virtue, and patience in parenting (children) is no exception. Add restless energizer-bunny toddlers and arguing with rebellious teens to the mix, and things can get a little well…challenging.

But as problems always have solutions, so do your parenting woes. Patience need not be a quest for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. As of 12/16/17, parenting isn’t quite my department, but here are a few tips from the experts that just might help you improve your relationships with your children!

Communicate effectively with your children. A lack of communication with your child is a hindrance to establishing a good relationship. Talk to your kids in ways they can understand. Talk to your precious kids about your day, and perhaps you will hear more about theirs. Hopefully the ‘how was school?’ ‘Fine.’ conversation can change a little bit.

Match pace with your kids. Find time to spend with your kids. Kick back and enjoy the sunset with them. Take them to a beach and spend a lazy afternoon playing with sand and collecting seashells with them. Those are moments that are truly priceless and special. Treasure those moments. Can’t put a price tag on that!

Keep your cool. Catch yourself if you are about to have an outburst and consider the consequences of your actions and words. It’s a process, so don’t be discouraged if you need some work in this area. Even if you’re not a parent, you play a part in helping to shape this child’s view of the world.

Be realistic with your expectations. Sometimes, our expectations of our children tend to be unrealistic. Remember what it was like to be a kid.

Let them realize the consequences of their actions. If a child persists on doing things that violate the rules you set, explain to him/her the consequences of the actions in question and give some time to reflect on what you taught. Letting your child realize the consequences of his or her actions leads to a genuine understanding of the rules.

It’s important that children learn how to manage their own feelings and relationships. Patience is a virtue that we all can hold dear. <3

Have any suggestions for patient parenting?


Reclaiming My Time


So many times we hit the end of the day, wondering–where on Earth did the time go! I know I’ve had a few days like that! (Okay, maybe more than a few. But you know what I mean:)

A few days ago, Vivian with VLF Media and Promotions graciously connected me to Torri Strickland and the nice folks at Virginia this Morning. I was very happy when I got the invitation to talk about time management on their broadcast. Host, Cheryl Miller  sparked some great discussion, and off-camera, it was so great to talk about all her years of experience in broadcasting! (She’s even been on the Ellen show. That’s pretty cool!) Larin was very helpful in making sure I knew where to go and gave me very detailed instructions day-of!

Here are some of the suggestions I talked about during our interview!

  • First, ask: Why do I want to become a better manager of my time? Once you get in touch with your personal reason for wanting to ‘reclaim your time,’ chances are, you’ll be more motivated to do it.
  • Set up a blueprint. PLAN to succeed!
  • Establish your Priorities
    • Be mindful of time-sensitive commitments
    • I like to discern my “have-to-get dones” from the “would be nice to get dones”
  • Ask yourself: Which commitments are important to me? Think about personal goals and your passion projects as well.
    Do these commitments align with my overarching goals or well-being?

It’s important to be committed to others in our lives, but don’t forget to show that commitment to ourselves as well.

Then, set the plan in motion!
Don’t forget to take into consideration length of tasks and/or outside factors.
Set yourself up to win!

But most importantly, have grace with yourself. The habits we have took a while to create; healthy habits will take time too. Celebrate the baby steps, and if you feel you’re not reaching those benchmarks you set for yourself, don’t be afraid to ask for help or accountability.

#MilitaryHomecoming Pics!

Hi all! A different kind of post here– a personal one! My husband and I had a hiccup in receiving our Military Homecoming pictures…but I was so grateful to finally get these back today and relive such a special moment! 💗 I put together a quick slideshow!👉 👉Click ‘Continue Reading’ to see it!👈👈

And even if my hubby and I never ever got our pics back, we have each other– and that’s better than any picture (or my ‘flat stanley’ I made of him during deployment 😹 pic is under my vid:)

Song ➡️ I’m Already There – Lonestar
Photos ➡️ Jenn Curtis




Hi there! I’m excited to enter my video in the Grow Your Value competition in hopes of pitching my ideas to Mika Brzezinski! I would love to be 1 of 3 winners who will also receive career coaching and styling at the Know Your Value Event in New York City ❤️ I’m so grateful for the things I’ve gone through that have taught me where my value truly lies. Thank you for watching my story! #GrowYourValueContest

Watch: Checking Expectations

Hi everyone! Wanted to share my second INsight INsixty with you! This one is about what happened when the man in line at the Burger King told me ‘excuse you.’ (Hint: I got mad, and then took a look inside myself and learned something 😹)

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Watch: Fighting Insecurities

Hi friends! Wanted to share my new project through Say Life. It’s called INsight INsixty, where I share personal life lessons in less than sixty seconds. I pray a part of my experience that I share resonates with you in some way 💗 If you have an INsight INsixty topic, please share in the comments! Thank y’all for being so supportive! (P.S. My puppy makes an appearance at 2:07:) anim/music creds

Ten Ways to Rock That Job Interview

Alright! You’ve got that phone call. That company is now inviting you in for a job interview. But before you start planning out what to buy on your first paycheck, let’s talk about how to feel and do your best once you step foot through the door. A job interview is not an assurance that you’ll bag the position. You must work very hard to get it. But at least you are just a few inches away from your goal now. Below are some tips that would surely help you get that job you so desire.

Plan Your Clothes. The night before the big day, it is always advisable to plan what you are going to wear. It need not be designer clothing; just something formal and elegant-looking is enough. Be sure, however, that you are comfortable in what you are going to wear. The least you would want to worry about is your bra peeking through your blouse during the interview itself. Keep your clothes as modest as possible. While it is not forbidden to glam up your look with some hues and accessories, keep in mind not to overdo it. Neutrals are still favored, to play safe; and a few pieces pearl or silver jewelry will do. Model your overall look the night before in front of a full-length mirror: from the hairstyle down to your shoes.

Make a Checklist. Be sure to make a checklist of what you are going to bring. Always bring an extra resume because interviewers usually ask for it even though you have already submitted one before. Always keep a pen and paper handy in case you need to write something. A breath freshener is also a must if you plan to eat before the interview.

Research.  Research on the company you are going to apply for. Check out their websites to see how long they have been in the business, and find out everything else you need to know.  You need not memorize all the words written in their website to impress the interviewer; just a meager familiarity with the company would do. Don’t make up stories: if you really don’t know the answer, say so.

Be on Time. Arrive ten to fifteen minutes early so you still have some ample time to relax and check yourself. This will also reduce your anxieties.

Be Nice to Everyone. Smile at everyone who greets you while you are on your way to the building and while waiting. You’ll never know if you may have already bumped into your interviewer. Besides, you may make a few friends who may prove crucial to your career eventually. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain with being nice.

Be Considerate and Courteous. When it’s your time to be interviewed, be sure your cell phone is turned off or in silent mode. Extend a handshake and wait till you are asked to take a seat before sitting down.

Be Confident. Bear in mind that you are there, being interviewed, because the employer sees potential in you and that’s already a reason for you to be confident. As long as you know what’s written in your resume and all of them are true, you don’t have to feel apprehensive. It’s time to show that they made the right decision to call you for an interview. Convince them that you are the right person for the job. Learn to market yourself. According to Ruth Hill, in her article “Marketing Me,” if you do not show the value of yourself, you won’t survive today’s meetings industry reality.

Bring a Notebook & Copies of Your Resume. Is it me, or doesn’t it just look so impressive when you stroll up in an interview with a nice leather bound portfolio? In my experience, I’ve almost always given an extra copy of my resume to a hiring manager who welcomed it.  Also, when they talk about work specifics, or even their personal experiences at the company, it’s great to take notes every now and then! (Not head face down in notebook, 11th grade U.S. History kind of notes)– but just something to let them know you’re interested in what they have to say. Plus, you may want to write down important points you may forget after the interview!

Ask Questions. At the end of the interview, the interviewer always asks if you have any questions, so take this opportunity to ask your questions and address concerns that you may have in mind. This is where that notebook might come in handy;) Ask about the company, too, as this would show you are really interested to know more about the company you applied to work for. On the other hand, don’t ask what’s already obvious. Meaning, if it is already in their website or it was already discussed, then there’s no need to ask about it again. This will just imply that you were not trying to pay attention or just trying to fill in dead air or to impress. Ask sensible questions. Also, while it is understandable that you need to sell yourself, dragging the conversation off-topic just to impress your interviewer is overdoing things. Keep your answers short, simple but with character. Be attentive and listen first to what the interviewer has to say before you start being too chatty.

Follow up & Say Thanks! Usually, the interviewer gives the range of time that your application needs to be processed. If not, don’t be afraid to ask when you can be notified; you wouldn’t want to limit yourself with waiting around. If the turnaround time has already lapsed, call up the HR department to ask about your application. Just ask first if it’s alright to call them to follow up. And ahh, the power of a handwritten note. Before too much time goes by after your interview, why not send the hiring managers/human resources manager a thank you.

There are so many tricks of the trade out there!