Hi everyone! Elyssa here! I am SO excited to introduce you to the newest team member of Say Life!, Katrina Marie! She is joining us as our new enrollment coach, so chances are, you’ll get to connect with her one-on-one. She loves the Lord, she loves people, and she’s got such a bright light, y’all. Can’t wait for you to meet her!

My name is Katrina Marie and I’d like to send out a great big, cheerful hello to the current and future Say Life! Family members and to the general readers of this post! It is with great pleasure that I introduce myself to you. First and foremost, I’d like to say I’m excited to be a part of the Say Life! Family and I look forward to a great journey growing right along with Say Life! and helping you be your best self! I’ve been writing since I could remember. I have a great need to be creative and express, as well as being a help in the lives of others where I can.

I simply love to shine my high vibrational light and positive energy wherever I go. I genuinely enjoy the dynamics of the many beautiful souls of the world! We all have our different goals, dreams, backgrounds, personalities, passions, skills, abilities, and gifts to say the least. I’m here to motivate and inspire, to support and encourage. I personally enjoy learning, absorbing, and applying knowledge (wisdom) and using it in a beneficial way. I love to read and I’m CONSTANTLY reading a variety of topics from a vast selection of sources. I often fact check resources and compare information, statistics, etc. Therefore, you’ll get the most accurate information. On top of fact checking, I also love to share informational tips, tricks, and helpful things that have helped me in my life. Some of the most successful people have gained a host of wisdom from other successful/great people. I believe in passing it FORWARD. Helping others is my main agenda! As I stated before, we ALL have gifts to share! I’m a gift and so are you! So, let your inner light shine today! I’m wishing you peace, blessings, guidance, and direction towards your purpose and all that you strive for!!!  My first post will be concerning Personal development. I look forward going deeper into what that truly consists of, how you can benefit from it, and applying it to different areas of your life.  So, I hope you’re excited about personal growth and development, motivation, encouragement, inspiration and a good dose of POSITIVE ENERGY because I’m excited about sharing my passion with you.

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