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In our lifetime, by choice, we build all kinds of relationships. On the other hand, our relationship role of being born into a family is chosen for us. Of course, That may be the role of a sister or a brother. A niece or a nephew. With that said, we have lots of relationships by choice or not that we’re surrounded by these relationships can play a major part of who we are or not. Whether we want them to or not. They can affect us subconsciously.

In an ideal world, it would be nice to be surrounded by people who love and support us 24/7. Having those people express that through their actions, not just their words. It would be nice to have people to root for us, believe in us, encourage us, and motivate us if need be. “Oh yes!” Having someone to build us up versus tearing you down feels good.

All of the above are priceless and at times and for some, (relative or not) are simply hard to come by.

So if you have a supportive circle, person, or persons, hold on to them. Give back in any way you can. Don’t take them for granted and let them know verbally that you appreciate them. Often times we think many things of people, but rarely take the time to express an attitude of gratitude. About which, we’ll discuss at a later time.

If you don’t happen to have a great support system, first and foremost (let me tell ya!) our heavenly Father is just a prayer away!!

Jeremiah 29:12-13; “Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”

Whether you’re a believer or not, he’s there and is NOT distant at all! All you need is the faith of a mustard seed! (and that’s tiny, yet effective!!!)

And it is impossible to please God without faith. Anyone who wants to come to him must believe that God exists and that he rewards those who sincerely seek him. Hebrews 11:6 NLT

He’s the best support system you will ever have. Because truth be told, some of the closest people we have in our lives aren’t going to be so supportive. Whether it is truly listening vs. simply hearing you, telling you they believe in you, that it’s okay, giving you words of wisdom, hugs (if needed), a shoulder to cry on, or simply a trusting relationship someone you can confide in.

I know lots of people including myself to whom I’d love to run and share some good or exciting news. But I have to think twice before doing so. You may not get their full attention. Do they make time for you? Do they secretly wish for your downfall? Are they dependable? Do they make you feel like they have your best interest in mind? These are all good questions and sadly, we don’t always have a supportive group. We may have to trim the fat. Discard the toxic relationships. Reassess our circle. Recreate a circle. Take some time alone to regroup.

As, my Grandma used to say, “Can’t nobody do you like the Lord.” Okay, I didn’t write this with the intention of preaching, LOL. However, it is my intention to express my truths, to get you the “Good news”, and to keep it real and simply talk to you because I truly care for each and every person that comes across this article and I sincerely wish you the best!

Getting back to the second of all. Concerning those of us who may not have such a positive circle. Don’t worry! There are plenty of options for you! (Aside for praying for guidance and direction, first.) You can always (with technology nowadays) join a support group or a group in general. One of my favorites is Meetup. You can go to or simply download the app. It’s a great way to connect and meet up with groups of individuals that have the same interest. You have to check it out! If you’re an entrepreneur seeking to link with other like-minded entrepreneurs to network, etc. this is the place! Perhaps, your an introvert. Yep, they have Meetups for that too! Maybe you’re a single parent, Maybe you like to travel, seeking to meet new people, have always wanted to join a book club, enjoy spirituality, Law of attraction, sports or more! The options are endless!

Now, I have to clear this up. This app is NOT a dating app (AT ALL!) and they will tell you that within some of the groups. With that being said, they do have groups that people create that are for singles that just want to hang out or venture out. You can even create your own group! So basically, let’s say I create a group. I note my intentions and description for the group and set an event and date. There may be 400 people in the group and whoever is interested RSVP within the app that they are coming out. You can safely chat within the app and meet new, people. This is a great option, however, it’s just one option. Groups and an organization that you’re a part of can be a good resource. So is finding a mentor. Find people who are doing what you are striving to do.

Speak your truth, keep believing in you even when no one else may not. Keep pushing. Exude positive energy. Like attracts like and positive people of the same mindset will soon enter your life. Keeping an open mind is always helpful because your blessings make be in disguise. Things don’t always happen the way we may think. So, keep on being your beautiful self, striving towards the dreams, goals and lovely aspirations and I’ll be keeping you in my prayers because you matter and you are valued! Keep that circle tight! Our time and energy is precious so be careful of whom you give it to.

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