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Having an attitude of gratitude is essential to having a happy life. Being thankful or grateful comes from the heart and therefore exudes positive energies of appreciation. When we’re appreciative we exude a happy, caring, joyful disposition. You will find yourself attracting people of the same demeanor.


Because there are so many layers and facets to life, it may be overwhelming at times. For example, highs and lows. Some may say a particular outcome, situation, or reaction is good or bad, positive or negative. Another may say that the same situation wasn’t a bad thing and that it was simply a learning experience.

Our perceptions create our realities.

Staying grounded and focused on priorities, keeping an open mind, maintaining open communication, and getting feedback from people who care for you and have your best interest at heart could help. Often times we may be distant or in a disagreement with someone and after taking the time to sit down with them, be open and honest with them. We may find that both or maybe one of the person’s perceptions were off. Sometimes what we think isn’t always the case.

Creating your space

I believe that our homes should be our personal oasis–that it should exude peace and tranquility, joy, and comfort. I believe that your personal space (whether it be the whole home, your office, personal space, or man cave) should represent who you are. Why not make it reflect the colors of your personality, by using different textures, pictures, posters, inspirational quotes, values, or motivations. Don’t be afraid to get creative, edgy, fun, or playful with your space. If you’re more of a straight-edged person, you may prefer clean lines, fewer colors (black, whites, greys), which a classy look, yet effective. The bottom line of creating your space (depending on what it’s being used for) is to make it all about you! On the other hand, if you’re in a relationship, married, or have roommates, of course, you can work it out where each of you can add your personal touch. If your fortunate to have space to yourself, GO FOR IT!! There’s so much going on outside of your home. As I mentioned before, our home should be our oasis. When I think of my home or my personal space, I think of the peace of mind that it’s gives. I think of a relaxing, fun, happy, and loving environment. It should be safe and where creativity flows. We’re at our best when we’re happy, calm and content. We’re in our zone when we’re confident and free to be us. Ideas come to life! That’s where the magic happens!

Shine your light! Say yes! Be grateful!

Shine your inner light! Positive energy is contagious! Delight in things that bring you joy. You are unique and specially made, for no one can take your place. Be the best version of yourself without any regrets. Work smart. Don’t burn yourself out. Take time for self. Got an obstacle? You were born to win; take the time and seek resources to help you figure it out! Unwind and relax! Kickback. Meditate. Take a breather. Be a believer. An Achiever. Say YES to your best life! A stress-free life! Say YES to your dreams (they can hear you!) Express yourself. Speak your truth! Speak it with love, whatever you do. Uplift someone, It matters. Be grateful. Quick to listen, Slow to speak, slow to get angry. Start fresh tomorrow. Love and encourage yourself just as much as you would a good friend. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Sleep well. Dream big! Love big! Laugh hard. Delight is the beautifulness of life that people may take for granted. What brings you joy? Do that more! Guide your dreams around all your roadblocks and soar!!!

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