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I must say, I love people. I love all God’s creations. ALL people are beautiful. Fearfully and wonderfully made. God places a high value on our bodies as well as our hearts. We are an intricate and fleshly fine-tuning of divine wisdom, a creation “a little lower than heavenly beings,” but capable of being the crown of honor and glory.

Yes. We are precious, unique creations. We are blessed, our minds bodies and souls are blessed. Do you receive that?

In today’s world, being unique can be considered as being “weird” or at the other end of the spectrum, one can view being unique as a something of value to have, a good attribute, or a way to stand out from the crowd and be noticed more (if you are physically unique.)

However, I’m speaking on the type of uniqueness that makes you, you, Yes. We (at times) want to be accepted, fit in, or maybe simply not stand out. We all know there’s a time to pull back, hold back, be silent, speak up, be bold, etc. Ultimately, we are created to use 100% of our creation to the fullest, in a positive, beneficial, and glorifying way. With all the people in the world, you’d think that there would be more people in the world who would boldly declare their uniqueness. Now, I’m not one to judge. Lord knows that I struggled just like many of us with self esteem. However, I’ve grown to learn and love who I am. I love and except myself completely and that’s a good thing.

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I would like us to stand up and be who you were created to be. Social media, family, friends, magazines, etc. can mislead people. It can take affect on children as well as adults. Have you ever heard the phrase, “Keeping up with the Joneses?” or maybe you want to know what’s in? What are the latest trends? Is this style, hairstyle, word or phrase, played out? There are plenty of questions that come to mind. Now don’t get me wrong, to a certain extent I feel that it’s okay. I mean, we’re all in this world and if you like fashion, for example, that may be a legit question to ask. However, I feel when it comes to something that you’re really passionate about or really like and you decide to put it back simply because the item(s) or outfit may not be accepted or may not be trending…then that may be a little much.

Please feel free to where your hair the way YOU want to wear it. Dress how you want, and express yourself how YOU want. Be YOU. Now, I have to state a disclaimer. Have your ever heard someone being rude, disrespectful or vulgar? Then, immediately afterwards they state, “Well, That’s just how I am, “That’s me!” That isn’t what I’m speaking of.

We all get one life here on earth and again, there is approximately 7.7 Billion people on earth. Everyone is created as individuals. Therefore, you may see some things that you would wear, hairstyles that you wouldn’t think to try, hair colors, outfits that a little too much for you, accents that you may laugh at, ways of living, or people doing things in a way that you wouldn’t. I truly could go on and on with this. But, I take it you get the point.

So, my question is why do we feel the need to comment on things that don’t matter? Why do we tend to comment, speak on or make judgements on other peoples decisions or way of life when it has no direct impact on our lives? Thankfully, we live in a country in which we have freedom of expression. That’s a beautiful thing.

I can go deeper into this subject. But, I won’t. I just would like you to embrace your uniqueness, on all levels including your (beauty inside and out) your looks, feature, distinct characteristics, your voice, your personality, your style, your unique qualities.

There is only one of you. You are beautiful, you are special, and again, you are unique. You are needed. We don’t need another them, we need you. The world needs you to bring all that you were created to be to the forefront. What’s your style, your message, your views, your dreams, hopes, talents, abilities, what your blueprint? How will you leave your mark in this world?

Shine your light TODAY! Make a wonderfully, positive, and unique impact in life! For I am a gift and so are you! What are you waiting for?! You been dreaming long enough! You’ve written things down, secretly, hoped and dreamed. I’m sure you’ve had things you’ve wanted to try out. Places you’ve wanted to go, a move you’ve been wanting to make but didn’t (maybe in fear of this or that) Don’t hold back. Your time is NOW. Step out and go for it! Only surround yourself with people that are FOR YOU. People that encourage you, support and love you for you. Be courageous and Bold and most of all BE YOU!

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