Are you going deeper with loved ones?

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Lately, I was spiritually inspired concerning the thought of going deeper with the people I love. I’m sure you’ve heard of the 12 lives that were taken and the many others who were injured in Virginia Beach–our neighboring city. It hit close to home and that also made me think about the concept of loving deeper. Are we truly showing love to the people in our lives? I wonder just how many people actually take the time to go deeper with the people who are in their circle.

This is a very important topic to me. It’s such a delicate and crucial subject about which I am passionate.

I’ll start by saying, no matter what your belief, I feel that we are spiritual beings having a human experience vs. being a human being that may encounter spiritual experiences.

I’ve thought about, witnessed, and discovered people that have passed on and have not really known their loved ones on a deeper level. Some situations are drastic–a loved one who may have been leading a double life or one who made decisions that didn’t benefit them. This may have led to criminal charges, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, being involved in a destructive situation. I believe we should feel that we can confide in our loved ones. We should feel that we can talk openly. At times we don’t feel safe to open up in fear of judgement or rejection, ridicule, etc. We should remove the stigma surrounding mental health and talking about it. Mental health is a crucial area. This could include minor to major health topics–depression, anxiety, and OCD, to name a few.

Sometimes, loved ones don’t really pay attention when they are around individuals who are in need of support. Some may ask, “How are you?” but do we truly wait for a real answer? Just like a child or adolescent, you may only get a basic answer unless you go deeper. For instance saying, “Hey, I know you may be good, but if you ever feel down and out, please let me know. I’m here to listen.” or, “How are you on a deeper level?” Try to word it in a way that will be relatable to the person with whom you’re speaking.

Please take the time to go deeper. Also, I truly believe there’s a time and, of course, a place for everything. So pray for guidance if you pray, and ask for the proper words to say. I love the people in my life. I truly do! As I mentioned at the beginning of this content, I was truly inspired to share this with you because I’m making an effort to go deeper and it’s truly important that we know our loved ones on a deeper level.

If we love them, then we will care about their spiritual life, their emotional wellness, their mental health, and wellness.

A lot of people you see every day are depressed and they hide it well. Many are even lonely and it contributes to a number of health conditions. Also, many of people have been affected by broken heart syndrome. There are a number of stressful occurrences that can trigger broken heart syndrome. For example, when a close spouse or loved one goes home in spirit, it can affect the other spouse physically.

Please, take the time to go deeper, comfort others, ask for guidance, strength, and courage to go deeper in love with the ones you love. Just how well do you know your mother or father, your sister or brother, your friend, your in laws, etc.?

Now, some people may have this taken care of and that’s a beautiful thing. However, there are a lot of people (including me) who want to go deeper and have those conversations that bring us to truly know our loved one.

Take that love you have and go deeper. When we take just ONE step, things happen. You may not get an instant result, but make your intentions known.

To sum things up, we all have a big impact on one another. We are all connect and affect each other. You may not SEE a reaction or a result of your impact at that moment, but you are sowing seed DAILY with your thoughts, your actions, your reactions and response to others.

Take the time to love, to care, to shine your inner light brightly. And if you need a tune up, get one. Take the time to get by yourself and do some self/spiritual tuning. Be a positive, loving example.

Lastly, let someone know you care about their well-being on a deeper level. Form and nurture those meaningful relationships. Our life is precious and we all need people who care about us and it’s nice to know we are cared about. People need to know they are more than just a title. Light hearted conversation is good, but who’s gonna step up and take the time to go deeper in love, with the people who mean the most?

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