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Isn’t it so nice when you receive an unexpected act of kindness? A kind word. Maybe someone holds the door for you or throws a little something extra in your bag.

Random acts of kindness truly make a difference in someone’s day. Simply being nice, showing love or kindness isn’t done to receive–it’s done to give!

Giving from the heart without expectation is a great quality to have and it also makes you feel good!

Photo by Daniel Mingook Kim on Unsplash

Think back for a moment.

Didn’t you appreciate when someone showed you kindness or love when you weren’t in your best mood? When you may have not been too pleasant at all? Did you have a change of heart? Did their love and compassion make you feel better? Did it make you realize that you may not have had the best reaction toward them or could have taken a nicer approach?

I know I’m guilty of it! Being that no one is perfect, you just may be able to relate.

I’ve found that paying it forward and passing along the love, kindness and compassion adds to the beautiful cycle of higher vibration. This act reminds others that, “Yes! there are plenty of good people in the world.” There are people with great hearts and people who truly care for the world and others.

So, if you haven’t paid it forward in a while, or if you need a refresher, or are in an emotional rut–go for a kindness test drive! (lol yes, I tend to sometimes get a little cheesy).

You will find that your mood will be lifted. Your spirit will be in a better place. Why? Well, simply put, kindness is contagious. Doing something for others make you feel good because of good deeds. Also, seeing someone’s mood lifted as a result of your action has a boomerang effect on your mood. Lastly, love makes the world go round.

So take the time to share and show love! Be a part of something bigger than yourself! Let your inner light shine. Be one of the flavorful grains of Earth and do it with pure joy! You’ll attract more positive energy, people, and opportunities.

Best wishes in creating high vibration ripple effects!

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