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Lately, I’ve heard and have had information shared with me concerning people local and nationwide that have either taken their own lives, those who are feeling isolated, secretly suffering with depression, or they simply don’t feel worthy or accepted.

This subject truly touched my heart and is dear to me.

As stated in previous blog post. Our world is massive. We currently have approximately 7 billion people in the world. People coming and going, tending to business and their families, loved ones, hobbies or their goals. Laughing, sharing their dreams with one another, going out to eat, hanging out with friends, dining, tending to their gardens, attending sports events, traveling, having dinner with families and more!

Busy, busy, busy.

So many things are going on.

So, the other day…I was at an orientation and towards break time a woman at my table just came out and stated that she was just at a lost for words at that moment. She was in shock.

To give you a little backdrop. I’ve learned of my spiritual gifts, and one of them is that people gravitate towards me because of my spirit, my aura, and they seem to call me or walk up to me not even knowing me and pour their heart out to me and express themselves. I used to be totally confused and not understand why. However, I’ve learned and gotten quite used to it. I’d attentively listen, show empathy (as I’m an empath), console, comfort, shed light, or pray if need be.

Back to the story. So, I asked her why and what was wrong? She stated she just found that one of the leaders at the camp won’t be back because she’s no longer with us. She stated that the lady took her own life. She was very close to the lady and looked up the her as a mentor and leader of the camp. She was very confused and distraught and I truly was touched and saddened.

We spoke for a while about the subject and whenever she would see the lady, she seemed fine. Evidently, she did to others and maybe even her family. Now at times, people know we are down but again, it’s so good to take it a step further and see if there’s anything you can do. If they want to talk, perhaps refer them to resource if you know they are suffering.

Another thing that touched me was the fact that the female stated. A few weeks before she found out the news, the camp leader called her asking her if she wanted to go to lunch. The woman turned her down at that time. She felt it was a little strange for her to call her asking her to go to lunch due to the fact that in the past they didn’t have a social relationship outside of camp. The female stated if she knew what she knew now, she would have taken her up on her offer.

This brought to mind the blog post that I wrote concerning going deeper with your loved ones. We are all busy, but someone close to you may be secretly be suffering inside. It is so good to go deeper with the people you care about because people who are suffering may wear a mask and they have learned to wear it well.

Go a step beyond. “How’s your day?” If you don’t do this or haven’t in a while, try calling someone “just because.” I’ve noticed a lot lately that when I call someone, they always seem think I want something and generally we ask, “What’s up?”

What happened to the days when we’re simply taking time out of our day to just call to say hello, to see how someone is doing, or to ‘catch up’ with them since the last time you talked?

Please reach out to others and see how their emotional state is. Maybe they haven’t been out the house in a while. Maybe they don’t call or take interest in things they used to, or maybe their mood, demeanor, or outlook on things changed.

Go deeper. Take an interest in them on another level.

So please, if something seems strange, take the time to ask about it. Ask further questions. Reach out. People are reaching out to us and we need to be in a state to see the signs as best as we can.

It’s not easy for people to tell you what they secretly struggle with. So be of help, take your relationships a step further, and reach out to them and SHOW you care and love them through your actions beyond the normal day to day routine, actions, reactions or questions.

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